Master the Art of Conversation over an Elegant Restaurant Date

The Basics of a Successful Restaurant Date

Whether you’re just starting to see a girl or have been together awhile, going out for a meal is an important part of any relationship. Lots of guys stress over what to eat – hot pot, barbecue, or Chinese dishes? Some think the food is the most important part. But really, eating tasty food is better with friends. When you’re trying to get to know a girl, the food isn’t the main thing.

The setting and how you treat her matter most. For example, take her somewhere nice like a casual but elegant Western restaurant. Western meals are usually in calmer environments which allow for good conversation. The style also shows your manners and class in a subtle way.

Plan Ahead for a Smooth Restaurant Experience

Pick a restaurant in a busy downtown area for convenience. Ask when making your reservation if a window table is available in the evening for a nicer atmosphere. Western restaurants come in different price ranges just like Chinese restaurants do in America. Budget around $30-75 per person. That’s plenty to feel treated without breaking the bank.

Before your date, groom well and dress appropriately – neat casual clothes, not sloppy or overly dressy. Check yourself thoroughly from hair to facial hair so nothing seems unkept when you meet. Spritz on a light, natural-smelling cologne if you wish but that’s optional.

Manners Matter During the Meal

Your date may dress up, so keep your eyes upward and avoid ogling. Sit up straight and lean in slightly when talking, not right over your food! Chat about mutual interests to learn more about each other. When ordering, inquire about her preferences first in case she dislikes something. Don’t order drinks you’re unsure of unless money isn’t an issue.

Use Western table manners like holding forks properly and cutting food before eating. Manage your napkin neatly and say please/thank you to servers, whom she’ll judge you by too! Paying attention to politeness shows you respect her time.

End the Evening on a High Note

After dining, stand first and politely assist with her coat. Walk together if the vibe seems good, no need to hail a taxi right away. Ensure she gets home safely by calling a driver yourself if she insists on leaving solo. Ending positively leaves a great impression for hopefully leading to another fun date!

Girls care most about feeling you genuinely like them as a person. A refined Western restaurant setting lets you showcase manners and charm to build the connection. So next time you’reinterested in a girl, treat her to an evening she’ll remember in a pleasant, attentive way.

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