Master the First Date: 4 Simple Tips to Impress Your Crush

The Perfect First Date: My Top Tips for Guys

Going on a first date with a new girl can be nerve-wracking! You want to put your best foot forward and make a great impression. But how do you ensure she’ll want to go out with you again? Here are some of my tried-and-true tips to help make your first date a success.

Dress to Impress

First things first – your appearance. Make sure to dress nicely! A clean, well-fitted shirt or sweater paired with your nicest jeans is a safe bet. Go for neat and casual rather than flashy. And please, please make sure your breath is minty fresh. Slip some gum or mints in your pocket just in case. Bad breath is a real romance killer.

I remember one date where the guy was cute but had super stinky breath. I could smell it every time he spoke! It totally turned me off and I didn’t want to talk to him anymore. Your date will definitely notice if your breath is funky, so don’t chance it!

Plan the Perfect Plans

When setting up the date, have a few fun activity ideas in mind so you’re not stuck deciding on the spot. That way you can give her some options to choose from. Movies are classic but can be boring – consider an arcade, mini-golf, or my fave – ice skating! Have a few cute café spots scoped out too for afterward.

Also, be super nice and offer to pay. Even if she insists on splitting, you can say “Next time, it’s on me!” That way you set yourself up for a second date opportunity.

Keep the Conversation Flowing

Once you’re together, relax and have fun! Ease any awkies by yakking about the weather or your commute over. Use follow-up questions to keep learning about her interests too. Laughing together is always a good sign.
As the date wraps up, walk her to her ride and thanks for coming. A nice side-hug goodbye never hurt! Then be sure to text her later that night saying you had a blast.

Following a few simple tips can go a long way in scoring that second date. Just remember to relax and be your fun, charming self. Wishing you the best of luck out there!

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