How to Smoothly Answer Tough Dating Questions and Get the Girl

Getting the Girl: How to Answer Tricky Questions

Pursuing a crush can be nerve-wracking, especially when she starts asking tricky questions. But staying calm and responding thoughtfully is key to keeping your cool – and maybe winning her over. Here are some tips for answering common queries in a way that leaves a good impression.

What If She Asks “Do You Like Me?”

If your crush flat-out asks “Do you like me?” resisting the urge to shout “Yes!” is important. While being honest is good, coming on too strong can scare her off. Here are some smoother strategies:

Deflect Gently

“Why do you ask?” is a light deflection that buys time to think. Or go playful: “Are you a mind-reader now?” With a smile, redirect without denying or confirming anything outright.

Tease, Then Admit

“You think pretty highly of yourself, don’t you?” is a teasing reply that takes the edge off. Lightly ribbing builds rapport before acknowledging the truth: “Yeah, I do.” Shows you can laugh together and be sincere.

Ask for Proof

“What makes you say that?” turns the tables curiously. She has to explain her reasoning, taking pressure off you. And her answer gives insight into how she views your interactions so far.

How to Answer “Do You Want to Date Me?”

If she cuts right to the chase with “Do you want to date me?”, stay chill. Rushing into anything raises red flags.

Buy Time With Humor

“My, aren’t we getting ahead of ourselves!” said with a chuckle buys a breath to mull it over. Self-deprecating jokes like “Why, are you asking me out?” ease tension through laughs.

Suggest Getting to Know Each Other Better First

“I really enjoy spending time with you. Maybe we could grab coffee and see where things go from there?” implies interest while prioritizing developing the relationship at a natural pace.

Respond Positively While Leaving It Open

A simple “You’re really great. I’m definitely interested – we’ll have to talk more and see!” is upbeat yet ambiguous enough to keep options open as feelings evolve over time.

What Else Should You Avoid Saying?

Steer clear of answers that are:
– Too eager or desperate
– Vague or noncommittal

– Pressure her into a response

With practice handling probing questions smoothly and respectfully, you’ll gain poise – and maybe even get the girl. Just focus on listening well and making her feel comfortable being honest with you too.

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