5 Tactful Ways to Answer ‘Have You Gained Weight?’ Questions

How to Answer Sensitively When Asked If You’ve Gained Weight

It can be tricky knowing how to respond when a friend asks if you’ve gained a few pounds. Here are some tips for answering sensitively while still being honest and supportive:

Stay Positive

Instead of directly saying “no” if they have gained weight, focus on the positive. You could say something like “You look great and really healthy!” This reassures them without lying, while avoiding making them feel self-conscious.

Offer Encouragement

If you think they could benefit from a lifestyle change, suggest fun ways to be more active together like going for walks after school. Or you could bring up trying healthier recipes you find online. The key is making it about being healthier overall versus just losing weight.

Watch Your Words

Be careful not to say anything that could hurt their feelings like “You haven’t lost weight.” Instead, emphasize how beautiful they are. Comments like “You’re such a confident person” build them up without criticizing.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Rather than forcing an answer, ask how they’ve been feeling about themselves lately. You could say “Have you noticed any changes you want to work on?” This lets them reflect without putting you on the spot.

Compliment Genuinely

Regardless of weight changes, look for reasons to sincerely compliment your friend. Notice things like their smile, patience or humor. Saying “You have such a kind heart” lets them know you value who they are inside and out.

By focusing on positivity, support and sensitivity, you can respond honestly to a weight-related question while still supporting your friend through their journey to a healthy lifestyle and self-esteem.

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