5 Ways to Smooth Things Over After Missing a Run With Your Girlfriend

What to Do When Your Girlfriend Is Upset You Didn’t Go Running With Her

So your girlfriend is mad at you because you didn’t join her for a run. Don’t panic – there are some steps you can take to smooth things over.

1. Listen and understand how she’s feeling

First up, really listen to what she’s upset about without getting defensive. Running is probably important to her fitness and well-being, and she likely wanted your support. Make it clear you hear her out by reflecting back her emotions in your own words. This shows you care about her perspective.

2. Apologize and take responsibility

Once you understand where she’s coming from, it’s time to say you’re sorry. Admit you made a mistake by not going with her like you said you would. Take responsibility for letting her down instead of making excuses. She’ll appreciate your honesty and maturity.

3. Offer an olive branch

Don’t just apologize – suggest making it up to her. Propose joining her next time or another fun activity you can do together, like yoga or hiking. This shows you want to support her goals and spend quality time with her.

4. Give encouragement

While comforting her, boost her confidence in herself. Remind her how strong and athletic she is. Let her know she’s more than capable of finishing her run without you if she wants some alone time. Praise will lift her spirits.

5. Give her space if she needs it

She may need a little time to cool off. Tell her you understand and will give her space, but that you’re here whenever she’s ready to chat again. Respecting her emotions builds trust.

6. Back up your words with actions

Finally, prove you want to make amends through small acts of service. Cook her favorite healthy meal, make a mix tape, or offer specific help like stretching before her next jog. Deeds mean more than promises alone.

If you listen without judgment, apologize sincerely, and follow through with kindness, I’m sure your relationship will bounce back stronger than ever.

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