Why Foreign Women Can’t Resist Chinese Men With Strong Self-Love

Why Foreign Women Like Chinese Guys

I have a student from a couple years back who recently went on a trip abroad. While traveling, he met an awesome Russian girl. She looked just like a Barbie doll – super cute with an amazing body. After just two days together, they really hit it off.

When it was time to say goodbye, the girl was practically bawling her eyes out. It was clear they really liked each other. My student is popular with girls back home too. He used to teach at his high school, and lots of his female students thought he was cute. Later, when he started his own business, he met some really cool entrepreneurial women. Some were a bit older than him and more successful in their careers. They thought he was great as well.

Why Do Girls Like Him So Much?

There are lots of reasons why girls find him so attractive. But today, I want to focus on one super important quality – self-love. A lot of guys don’t truly appreciate themselves. But my student really embraces who he is. That confidence just draws people in.

He works hard to better himself every day. He hits the gym to stay in shape because he wants to feel good. He encourages his parents to treat themselves because he cares about their happiness. And he gives his all at work because he wants to succeed. My student also really respects the women around him. When he’s with them, they have his whole attention. The bottom line is that he adores who he is deep down.

Appreciating Yourself is Key

Because my student genuinely likes himself, he tends to see the bright side of life. But if you’re always putting yourself down, it’s hard to feel good. You’ll probably think the worst of other people too. Make an effort to notice what you do well and be proud of your accomplishments – big and small. Even if you’re not perfect yet, aim to boost your self-esteem. I guarantee you’ll be amazed by the positive impact it has!

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