What It Really Means When She Makes the First Move

What it Really Means When a Girl Asks a Guy Out

These days, it’s pretty common to see girls making the first move and asking guys out. But what’s really going on when a girl reaches out? Here are a few possibilities:

She Thinks He’s Cute

Chances are, if a girl asks a guy to catch a flick, it’s cuz she’s got a crush! Making the first move is like sending him a subtle signal that she’s interested. Though it doesn’t automatically mean she wants a relationship – she probably just wants to get to know him better.

She’s Independent

In the past, folks saw girls as supposed to be all meek and following guys’ leads. Nowadays, girls are all about showing how strong and self-reliant they are. Asking a guy out shows she’s comfortable making her own choices instead of waiting around.

She Wants to Connect

Hitting the movies is a low-key way for people to bond. When a girl asks first, it’s likely cuz she wants to really get to know the guy – find out what he’s into, what makes him tick. That lays the groundwork for possibly taking things to the next level.

She’s Her Own Person

Taking the lead demonstrates a girl’s independent spirit. In the past, girls were expected to just go along with whatever a guy said. Now girls are showing they can think for themselves and make things happen according to their own agenda.

So in summary – when a girl asks a guy out, it shows she’s comfortable expressing her interests, while also displaying confidence and initiative. It doesn’t automatically mean she’s after a BF, but rather wants to learn more about someone she’s into. Pretty cool, right?

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