The 5 Types of Introverted Girls Want in a Guy

The 5 Types of Guys Introverted Girls Usually Go For

Introverted girls can seem hard to approach sometimes, but even they know what they want in a guy. Here are the top 5 types of men that tend to attract quiet, reserved girls.

1. Brainy Boys

Since introverts are often quite thoughtful themselves, they gravitate towards guys with sharp minds. An intellectual partner lets them dive into insightful conversations and find that “click” on a deeper level.

2. Funny Fellows

Although they may appear serious at first, introverts want a guy who can bring out their silly side too. A sense of humor helps them unwind and feel comfortable opening up to someone new.

3. Steady Dudes

Maturity and reliability are big draws for self-sufficient introverted girls. They like men who have their act together and can offer help or encouragement when needed most.

4. Stylish Saps

Careful about appearance themselves, introverts appreciate partners with some panache. Shared interests in culture, art, or fashion help them bond over creative passions.

5. Independent Indigos

Since introverts cherish their alone time, they connect best with similarly autonomous guys. These kinds of men respect their space without being clingy or codependent.

Whether brainy, funny, mature, stylish, or independent, any of these five types might catch the eye of an introverted gal if you share her values. With some understanding, even the shyest soul can be won over.

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