5 Marriage Traps That Could Ruin Your Relationship

5 Things That Can Hurt Your Marriage

Marriage is something that takes work to keep strong. Even when things are going great between you and your spouse, it’s easy to take the relationship for granted. But some behaviors, if not checked, can slowly drive you apart.

Comparing Your Spouse to an Ex

I get why you might mention an ex – to be “honest” or get your spouse to try harder. But trust me, all it does is put ideas in their head. Once they know your “bottom line,” they’ll be afraid to go above and beyond in case they can’t meet some perfect standard from your past. Just appreciate what’s in front of you instead of longing for what’s behind.

Oversharing Family Drama

Keep problems at home between you and your fam. Venting to your spouse won’t fix anything and might stress them out. They signed up to support you, not get dragged into your relatives’ biz. Save yourselves the hassle – leave your family issues at the door.

Letting Family Opinions Rule

It’s good to be close with in-laws, but filter what you share about their thoughts on your marriage. No need to repeat anything nasty. And build each other up instead of passing along complaints – that just breeds bad vibes.

Putting Each Other Down

Criticism and insults will only damage self-esteem over time. If you see a problem, address it respectfully. Believe in your spouse’s best qualities and help bring those out with encouragement, not criticism.

Casually Threatening Divorce

Fights happen, but don’t make permanent threats over minor squabbles. Once “divorce” is said, it’s out there hovering in the back of both of your minds. It’s not fair to put that thought into someone’s head without meaning it 150%. Cool off before throwing around scary words!

Bottom line, communicating support and treating your spouse with care is key to lasting love. Avoid these five traps and you’ll be well on your way to growing even closer together.

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