Beware Red Flags When a Girl Isn’t Always Pursuing You

When a Girl Isn’t Proactive: Is She Really Worth Pursuing?

We’ve all met those girls who seem aloof – the ones who never seem to reach out first. But sometimes they’ll call or text out of the blue. Are these “non-proactive” girls really worth your time? Here’s what some guys had to say on the topic.

Red Flags to Watch For

John ran into this issue with a girl he met recently. “I was at a party the other night when she came up to me out of nowhere. We got to talking and had a good time.” But it soon became clear she may have had other motives.

“A few days later, she started blowing up my phone asking to hang out. Then it was ‘Hey, can you grab dinner with me?’” said John. “It felt like she only hit me up when she was bored or wanted something.” Guys beware – girls like this are just looking for entertainment and will drop you fast once they get it.

Don’t Get Played

When a girl only seems interested some of the time, there’s a good chance she’s playing games. “They’ll act really into you one minute then ghost you the next for no reason,” said Mark. It’s easy to get strung along when someone keeps you on the back-burner.

The type of girl who blows hot and cold based on her mood isn’t worth investing in. Chances are she’ll ditch you the second something better comes along. Save yourself the drama – if a girl’s not making consistent effort from the start, move on.

Finding a Real Connection

There are definitely girls worth pursuing, even if they’re not super extroverted. But look for certain signs someone genuinely likes you. Do they engage in conversation? Make eye contact? Smile? Little behaviors can show interest more than words.

Genuine connections require mutual effort. So don’t waste time on lukewarm prospects that don’t seem fully invested. The right person will want to get to know you without games or mixed signals. Stay optimistic – by waiting for the real thing, you’ll find a much happier relationship in the long run.

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