3 Simple Steps to Elevate Yourself from Backup to Boyfriend

How to Go from Backup to Boyfriend

Have you ever found yourself in the friend zone, always there for someone but never getting their full attention in return? It’s a crummy feeling to know you’re their backup plan. But don’t lose hope – with some self-improvement and confidence, you can turn things around.

Step 1: Boost Yourself Up

The first thing to focus on is you. Don’t change who you are deep down, but think about ways to shine brighter. Hit the books to expand your mind. Learn a cool new skill like coding or playing an instrument. Start working out to feel and look your best. When you feel good about yourself, it shows and others will notice too.

Step 2: Flaunt Your Stuff

Once you’re feeling fantastic, start standing taller around your crush. Walk with your head held high instead of slouching. Spread your charm – flash that smile and keep the conversation fun. Show off your wit, kindness, talents – all the awesome qualities that drew them to you as a pal. But don’t forget your manners! Stay polite as you get your personality across.

Step 3: Be Their Rock

The final piece is being supportive when they need you. Lend a helping hand or an ear to listen. Give encouragement through tough times. Small acts of caring go a long way towards building trust. Soon they’ll see you as far more than a fallback – with patience and caring, you could become their main squeeze!

Don’t Give Up

Moving from backup to bae won’t happen overnight. As long as you work on yourself while still being the great friend they know, their eyes may start to open to your potential for something more. With self-confidence and consistency, what once seemed impossible can become a reality.

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