5 Ways to Calm Your Girlfriend Down After a Fight with the Waiter

What To Do When Your Girlfriend Gets Mad at the Waiter

Having a fight with your girlfriend in a restaurant is never fun. But it happens sometimes – like if the waiter messes up her order or is rude. Here are some tips for what to do next to make things better:

Listen Without Getting Defensive

Let your girlfriend vent about what upset her. Nod along and say things like “that must have been so annoying.” Don’t try to argue that the waiter wasn’t that bad. Just listening can help her feel heard.

Give Her a Hug

An angry girlfriend needs extra love! Give her a big hug and tell her how much you care about her feelings. A hug is a quick way to reassure her that you’re on her side.

Give Her Space if She Needs It

If your girl is still steaming mad, offer to let her cool off alone for a bit. Suggest she go for a walk outside while you stay at the table. The fresh air and alone time may help her calm down faster.

See If You Can Fix It

Once things settle, ask if she wants you to talk to the manager or get the check comped. Going to bat for her shows you’ve got her back. But also let her decide – don’t try to fix it if she just wants to leave ASAP.

Surprise Her Later

Bring home flowers, her favorite candy, or plan a fun date night as a make-up. The small gesture lets her know you still care even after a rough meal out. Teamwork and compromise are keys for surviving girlfriend-waiter dramas!

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