3 Clever Tricks to Captivate Her Attention and Spark Her Interest

3 Tips to Impress Her

It can be hard for guys to know what catches a girl’s eye. Here are a few subtle things you can do that many girls find attractive in a guy.

Smell Good

Girls pay a lot of attention to how people smell. They use shower gels, lotions, and other products that make them smell nice. They also wear perfume when going out. All those good smells don’t just happen – girls work to get them!

Guys should pick shower products with nice smells too. And if you smoke, brush your teeth after so your breath doesn’t stink. Wearing a little cologne is also a good idea and doesn’t cost too much.

Show Off Your Talents

Girls really like guys who are talented at things. If you can draw, paint her a picture – of her if you’re brave! If you can sing, sing at karaoke where she’ll hear you. Playing video games is also a clever way to bond – many girls get into games because of their boyfriend.

Don’t be shy about your skills. Look for chances to show off what you’re good at, like inviting a girl to play games with you so you have something fun to do together.

Mind Your Manners

Girls pay attention to how guys treat other people, not just her. Even very awesome guys can ruin their chances if they’re rude to servers or others. We should all be polite to everyone.

Things like thinking of her feelings, saying please and thanks, and not littering or drinking too much show good character. Little things like that really make a guy stand out as a gentleman.

No wonder girls like guys who follow these subtle tips. Give them a try – you might be surprised how well they work!

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