Master the Art of Conversation: 15 Tips to Keep Chats Flowing

How to Keep the Conversation Flowing

Lots of guys have been complaining that talking to girls is even harder than advanced math! They end up chatting with girls but then get stuck because they don’t know what to talk about or what the girl likes. It takes forever to reply to each message, and most girls don’t even reply. This isn’t the kind of chatting anyone wants.

After hearing so many complaints, an experienced friend decided to write an article with some tips for chatting without getting stuck. Here are a few things that can help keep the conversation interesting:

Popular Girl Chat Topics

Girls usually like talking about things like zodiac signs, food, travel, fashion, celebrities, pets, and gossip. As long as you pay attention to what she seems interested in, you shouldn’t go wrong bringing up one of these topics.

Asking Questions the Right Way

Instead of just diving right in with a question, ease into it naturally. For example, if you want to ask what she’s eating, say something like “My coworker just got some super spicy cabbage – it smells so good! I’m starving, have you eaten yet?” This gets the topic started without being too direct.

Giving Real Opinions

When a girl asks your thoughts on something, don’t just agree mindlessly. Back up what you say with reasons. For example, if she asks about an outfit: “The color looks great on you and the fit is really flattering. What do you think looks better – top or bottom?” She’ll appreciate the genuine feedback.

Branching the Conversation Out

It’s easy for topics to run out of steam fast. To keep things flowing, connect what you’re discussing to other related things. For example, if talking about a movie you saw, ask what other movies or actors she likes. Or mention another perspective you heard to get a discussion going.

Most importantly, make sure to do some listening too! Ask her questions to learn about her interests as well. Chatting is a two-way street – keep the balance and you both will have a good time.

Any Other Questions?

Hope these tips are helpful the next time you’re chatting! Let me know if you have any other dating or conversation questions.

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