3 Chat Tips to Help Any Guy Feel at Ease Talking to Girls

How to Chat with Girls: Tips from the Experts

Chatting with girls is a normal part of life for any teen guy. But it can be tricky to keep a conversation flowing smoothly. Here are some tried-and-true techniques from the pros on what to talk about and how to ask questions like a pro.

Ask About Her Interests

If you want to move from one topic to the next, you need plenty of things to discuss. A good way to find more chat material is by asking a girl casually about her hobbies. For example, say something like “I really enjoyed hanging out with my friend at the pet store last weekend. Do you have any pets?” Sharing something you like first helps her open up about her interests too.

Check Her Mood

Beyond just asking “What’s up?”, caring about a girl’s feelings shows you are interested in her as a person. Make an effort to ask how her day is going each time you talk. If she seems down, offer to listen. A friendly chat could help cheer her up. But respect her space if she needs time alone.

Discover Her Talents

Getting to know each other better is the point of conversation. So find natural ways to learn about a girl’s talents and passions. You might say something like “My mom’s birthday is coming up. Any ideas what kind of gift she’d like?” She’ll enjoy giving you suggestions related to her interests like fashion, cooking or movies. File that info away for the future too!

Avoid Awkward Silences

With a bit of practice having short, casual chats, you’ll feel more comfortable around girls. Don’t panic if the conversation hits a lull sometimes. Take a breath and change topics politely. The most important thing is showing you care about learning who she is as a person.

With patience and the right approach, chatting with girls can be easy and fun. Just keep it light, pay attention and ask questions to truly get to know her better over time.

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