Master the Art of Chatting: 3 Savvy Tricks to Keep Conversation Flowing with Your Crush

How to Keep the Conversation Flowing with Your Crush

One of the worst parts of talking with someone you like is when things suddenly go quiet. It’s tough to keep the conversation moving when you first start chatting, since topic ideas can be limited. An awkward silence will loom over you in no time. Some savvy techniques are needed to smoothly get the talking started again.

Today I’ll share a few tricks that’ll help you chat effortlessly with your crush. But first, here’s a story to set the scene:

The King and his Dream

Long ago, a king had a strange dream one night where all his pearly whites fell out. Concerned, he called on a dream interpreter to shed light on what it could mean.

The first interpreter bluntly stated: “Sire, this foretells a grim future – you’ll outlive all your family!”. Furious at such a bleak prediction, the king threw the man in the dungeon.

Next up was a slicker interpreter. “Your highness, do not fear – your dream signifies a long and healthy life!”. While his interpretation differed little, the king rewarded him gladly for spinning the vision in a positive light.

Reading Between the Lines

This story shows how spinning something to suit someone’s tastes takes finesse. Chatting with your crush long-term poses a similar challenge – there aren’t always straightforward answers to their questions.

So instead of memorizing canned replies, focus on analyzing conversation cues. Pay attention to their body language, tone of voice and reaction to get an idea of what really piques their interest. Then you can confidently steer talks down engaging avenues that’ll keep them wanting more!

Staying Connected

Here are some classic conversation starters to keep in your back pocket:

  • Comment on recent movies, music or TV shows you both may have enjoyed.
  • Ask for their take on current events you discussed in class.
  • See what they’ve been up to lately – holidays, hobbies, weekends with friends provide lots to touch on.

With practice, you’ll get better at listening between the lines and finding new angles to explore together. Before long, keeping things flowing will feel totally natural!

Good luck, and remember – confidence is key. Just relax and enjoy learning more about each other.

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