3 Signs Your Ex Isn’t Over You Yet (And Might Come Back)

How to Know if Your Ex Has Moved On

Breaking up with someone you cared about is never easy. It’s normal to feel sad at first. But there’s no need to stay stuck in the past. Here are some signs to look for that may show your ex still has feelings for you.

Reach Out Through Social Media

One way to see if your ex still cares is to send them a quick message on social media. Pay attention to how fast they reply. If they respond right away, that’s a good sign they’re still thinking about you. But don’t freak out if they don’t text back immediately – they could just be busy. An explanation for the delay would also show they want to stay connected.

Take Note of Their Attitude

When you do talk to your ex, notice how they act. Do they seem interested in your life and want to share what’s new with them? That’s a sign they may want another chance. On the other hand, if they’re very short or ignore your messages, it could mean they’ve moved on. You can also see if they seem open to getting back together down the line.

Check Their Relationship Status

It’s common for exes who aren’t over you yet to stay single. That way if you decided you wanted to try again, they’d be available. So paying attention to if they’ve started seeing someone new or updating their status can give you an idea of where their head is at. Of course, use your judgment – don’t make assumptions based on one thing alone.

Putting It All Together

The best way to figure out if an ex has truly moved on is to look at how they act across different situations. Pay attention to signs like how quickly they respond to you, what they say when you chat, and whether they seem to be dating other people seriously. Combine these clues to get a full picture of whether there’s still a chance to rekindle what you had before.

Breakups are tough, but stay hopeful. You never know – showing your ex you still care could be what brings you back together.

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