5 Heartfelt Ways to Tell Someone You Like Them

5 Tips for Telling Someone You Like Them

It’s not always easy to work up the courage to confess your true feelings to a crush. But staying silent won’t make your feelings go away either. Here are some simple strategies to help you show someone special just how much you care.

Surprise them

One fun way to let someone know you’re thinking of them is with little surprises. Whether it’s a small gift like chocolate or flowers, or planning a unique date, the element of surprise can put a smile on their face. Even small gestures, like dropping off their favorite coffee on a busy morning, show you pay attention to what they like.

Get romantic

Make your affections known through sweet, romantic gestures. Send them love notes or love poems to brighten their day. Cook their favorite meal or plan a picnic under the stars. Cuddling together watching their favorite movie says “I like you” without uttering a word.

Remember the details

Pay attention to the little things they mention in passing to show you listen when they talk. Did they have a big test coming up? Make sure to wish them good luck. Do they love sunflowers? Pick some to brighten their workspace. Showing you care about both big events and small details lets someone special know you care deeply.

Speak from the heart

Sometimes a few simple, heartfelt words can say what you feel better than any grand gesture. Compliment their smile or wonderful personality. Share how being with them makes you happy. Say something sweet like, “Spending time with you is my favorite part of any day.” Keep it short but sincere to truly speak from the heart.

Make a commitment

For those ready to take the next step, sincerely committing to a relationship shows how serious you are. Say something like, “I really care about you and hope we can be together.” But make sure you’re both on the same page first – an unwanted confession could damage a friendship. With care, honesty and perfect timing, true feelings can blossom into something wonderful.

Mustering up courage to confess your feelings is never easy. But expressing honest affection for someone special with thoughtfulness, heart and sincerity goes a long way. Who knows – your feelings might just be reciprocated!

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