5 Clever Ways to Subtly Discover a Girl’s Age

Subtle Ways to Find Out a Girl’s Age

When you’re getting to know a girl, it’s natural to be curious about her age. But asking straight-out can feel awkward or make her uncomfortable. No problem – there are more subtle ways to find the answer!

Ask About Her Zodiac Sign

If you know about astrology, asking a girl’s zodiac sign is a sneaky way to guess her age. For example, someone who’s a Virgo was likely born between late August and mid-September. So you can figure she’s somewhere between 20-30 years old.

Talk School Memories

Bring up memories from your school days if you both went to the same school. Ask if she participated in clubs or remembers certain teachers. Her answers will give you clues about what age group she’s in. Like, elementary school was a long time ago for someone in their late 20s!

Discuss Favorite Music and Movies

Finding out what movies and songs from the 80s or 90s she loves is another hint. Hey, if Britney Spears is her jam, she probably grew up in the 90s! Or talking about older films can show she was a kid in the 80s.

Mention Her Birthday

Once you’ve chatted a bit, ask about her upcoming birthday in a casual way. Like, “Your bday’s coming up, right? When is it?” Just don’t sound like you’re interrogating her for information!

Chat About Work or College

Discussing jobs, majors in school, or career goals could reveal hints about her age as well. Someone with 10 years in marketing is likely older than a college freshman!

The key is finding sneaky ways to learn more about a girl that don’t seem like Twenty Questions. With a little subtle conversation, you can discover her age without putting her on the spot. Just relax and follow her cues as you chat.

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