Avoid the Friend Zone: 3 Tips to Take Your Friendship to the Next Level

Understanding the Myth of the ‘Good Friend Card’

There is a common phenomenon in dating called “getting a good friend card.” According to internet rumors, it originated when a shy guy confessed his feelings to a girl he liked, but she turned him down by saying they could only be friends. Ever since, “good friend card” has meant being rejected after asking someone out.

What does a “good friend card” look like?

Here are some examples of what a girl might say when giving a guy a “good friend card”:

  • “I think of you as a brother. You’re the best friend ever!”
  • “I’m sorry, I already like someone else.”
  • “Woah, I didn’t realize you were asking me out! Your intentions seemed too strong. I think we’re better as friends.”
  • “Huh? Only one hangout and you think you’re my BF?! That’s kinda rude to assume after such a short time.”

Why do guys getfriendzoned?

Often guys confess their feelings too soon, without getting to know the girl well first. They build up huge expectations quickly. But most girls need more time to develop feelings. Guys also sometimes act too nice and don’t show their fun, independent side. This can make a girl just see them as a buddy.

How to avoid the friend zone

To start a romance, don’t reveal your feelings too fast. Keep talking and doing fun activities together so she gets to see your cool personality. Don’t smother her with attention – pursue your own goals too. Let some mystery in the relationship. Find a balance of being caring yet independent. With patience and by showing your best qualities, you can transform a friendship into something more!

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