10 Chill Ways to Breeze Through a Breakup

Ten Tips for Having a Chill Breakup

Breaking up is never easy, especially if you’ve been together for awhile. Ending a long-term relationship all of a sudden can feel really sad. Whether a split is drama-free depends on lots of things.

Face the Music

If it’s over, you gotta tell your partner yourself. Getting a friend to break the news isn’t cool – it disrespects your dude’s feelings. Even if ending it is hard, be straight with them.

Keep It Low-Key

Don’t bust out the big “We’re done” announcement in front of everyone. That’s just embarrassing and unfair to dump on your partner in public. Have that difficult chat in private so they don’t feel humiliated.

No Couching Allowed

Once you split, how your ex feels ain’t your problem anymore. Resist the urge to be all “There, there,” since that can stir drama. Give them space to cope in their own way.

Stay on Good Terms

Even after breaking up, try staying polite if you run into each other. Blowing them off or getting salty will just make things weird. Keep it friendly as much as possible.

Let It Out

Don’t bottle up your feels – talk to peeps you trust about how sad you are. Friends and fam can help you process your emotions so you heal faster.

Don’t Go Blaming

It’s easy to point fingers when you’re sad, but that won’t help you feel better. Accept it was just two people who weren’t right for each other rather than calling someone out.

Focus on You

Investing all your energy in another person isn’t healthy. Use this opportunity to reconnect with your passions and old hobbies instead of moping around.

Wait to Date Again

Trying to replace your ex right away by rebounding is lame. Take time to get over them emotionally first before getting with someone new.

Maybe Friendship Later

If you broke up on good terms, staying pals down the line could work. But wait until you’ve both moved on romantically to avoid drama.

Breakups stink, but keeping a level head will help you get through it with less BS. Wishing you the best moving forward!

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