Pondering Love: 20 Reflections on Longing and Remembering You


Thoughts of loved ones come to mind both in busy times and when at rest. Here are 20 reflections on longing and remembering someone special.

Occasional Homesickness, Frequent Thoughts of You

Now and then I think back to home, but it’s you who often fills my mind. Your memory brings a smile.

Thinking of You Has Made My Hands Tire

The longing I feel to see your face has wearied my hands from how much I’ve leaned on them while daydreaming of your smile.

A Long Life Ahead, Yet Eternally Thinking of You

So many years stretch before me, and through them all I hope to keep you close in thought.

Recalling You Makes My Cheeks Glow

Just the sight of you in my mind leaves me beaming – I’ve no need for makeup when we’re together!

Fortune Spares Us Sounding Longing

Luckily longing has no voice, else its cry would surely startle you in my place of its roar!

The Wind Still Whispers Tonight of Your Gentle Nature

As the breeze caresses my skin, I find comfort remembering your kindly ways.

Perhaps When You Gaze at the Moon

In the moments you pause beneath the night sky, could our thoughts align in longing for each other?

Happiness Comes in Forms Great and Small

Joy fills my soul in many manners, yet seeing your smile outshines all else.

Tonight the Moon in My Heart Again Scatters at Your Touch

As night deepens, your memory continues dancing across my mind and spurring tender feelings.

Thoughts of Him amid Busy Days, Idle Moments Too

Work fills my hours, yet rest finds only place for reminiscing on you fondly.

An Open Book, Save Wishing and Thinking of You

You know my mind like pages of a book – its letters ever form your name and hoping for fortune!

Send Me Your Location, Let Me Trace My Heart’s Path

A picture of where you are would reveal the journeying of my fond affections.

The Sun Shines Bright Here, I Wonder Its Strength Your Side

As daylight beams down strong, I think of the weather at your place and smile to picture you beneath the same sky.

Malfunctioning Matters Not But For Thoughts of You

My heart may falter at times yet still finds strength in memories we share.

I Must Tell You Today’s Tea’s Pearls Number!

Such small things make me long to connect – even boba counts were worthy to recount to you.

May Dark Nights Find You Content, And I Sweet Dreams

I hope your evenings end calm and your tomorrows start bright, so our dreams may play out scenarios of us together once more.

Thoughts of You Send My Head Spinning

Remembrance leaves my mind in a whirl, like one lost to merriment – yet how rare are those moments when not occupied by you!

Two Classes: You, and Not You; Two Days: Seeing You, Thinking of You

Life divides simply into time with you, and passing it wishing for you. You are all the world to me.

Nearly a Plant For How Deeply Your Thought Has Taken Root

Longing for you has so overgrown my mind that only your presence could revive my stagnant heart once more.

What Ailment Compares to Longing, Yet You Are Its Gift

Though pining pains me, it is for you – and thus the sweetest sorrow to carry close and comfort me.

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