Why Being The Funny Guy Isn’t Enough to Win Her Heart

Why Funny Guys Don’t Always Get the Girl

Many guys have probably come across tons of short videos online sharing women’s perspectives. When hosts ask girls what type of guy they’re into, being funny is always the first thing that comes up. In today’s fast-paced dating world, humor definitely helps spark attraction between guys and girls.

It makes sense – funny guys seem to be more interesting to women. This has led lots of guys to practice joke lines and pickup tactics hoping humor will help them score a date. But is that really how it works in real life?

We think being hilarious will sweep someone off their feet. But then you realize you’re standing on a narrow bridge with no room for jokes! Often guys learn a pickup line or two and think they’re a pro at making a girl laugh. But not every girl responds the same way.

Some might humor you because they’re shy, while others will call you out and block you on social media. Then confused guys will ask why that girl isn’t into them. Well, it’s because you’re acting like a clown instead of yourself!

True humor happens naturally when two people connect. Forcing jokes constantly actually makes you seem immature and silly. Women want a mature guy who can be serious when needed, not a one-trick pony comedian.

The Three Sins of Forced Funny

Based on my 23 years of single experience, here are the top ways trying too hard to be funny can backfire:

  1. Cheap jokes – Going for lowbrow, vulgar humor is an instant turnoff.
  2. Overdoing it – Lay off the jokes for a bit and relax, you aren’t a standup routine.
  3. Not listening – Joke bombing distracts from really engaging with her interests.

humor is the spice, not the meal

An online poll showed that 98% of women would rather date the reliable Huang Lei than jokester Yang Di long-term. Occasional humor adds fun, but you want her seeing the real you – not a clown. Focus on connection, shared interests, and making her feel special with your attention.

To attract the right girl, be genuinely engaging. Your priority shouldn’t be hammering home punchlines – it’s showing you care through respectful conversation. Humor has its place, but real chemistry grows from understanding another person.

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