Decode Girl Test Questions and Pass with Flair

Dealing with Tricky Questions from Girls

When a cute girl asks you something like “What do you like about me?”, you need to be careful. She might be wondering if she wants to take things further with you. Answering wrong could mean game over! So what’s the right way to respond?

The Question: “What do you like about me?”

When a girl asks this, usually she’s feeling unsure about your intentions and a bit insecure. She wants to know why you like her but isn’t getting a clear sign. What she really wants isn’t so much an answer as for you to show you’re really interested in being with her.

A Good Example Answer

I’ll never forget the first time I saw you at the playground. You were walking with your friends and suddenly turned around with a smile. In that moment, it was like an angel appeared! Right then I knew you were the kind of girl I wanted to be with forever.

So in summary – pick a nice memory, add a cute detail, and finish with something sweet. Get it, bro? She’ll understand you really care.

Girls sometimes ask tricky “test questions” to figure guys out. Don’t stress – with the right attitude, you’ll pass every time. Today I’ll go through common types of test questions and how to handle them well.

Free Labor?

“Can you fix my computer?” or “Give me a ride?” Be helpful but maintain your dignity. Say something like “Sure, what’s in it for me?” Focus on equality.


“Buy me this?” Just say no – or offer a fair trade like “How about you wash my socks first?” Quality relationships are win-win.

I’ll continue explaining other common types of test questions and the best ways to respond confidently and naturally. Let me know if any part needs more explanation!

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