How Long Does It Really Take to Get over a Breakup?

How Long Does It Take to Get over a Breakup?

We’ve all been there – going through a breakup is never easy. During this difficult time, it’s important to give yourself space to process your emotions. This cooling-off period after a split is when you take time to heal. But how long does it usually take before you’re ready to reconcile or move on?

Factor 1: How Much Did It Hurt?

The level of pain from the breakup will affect how long it takes to recover. If it was a messy split with lots of fighting, it’ll sting more. Mending a deeper wound takes longer than a shallow one. Consider how badly you or your ex hurt each other during the relationship or breakup. A small fight you made up from isn’t as tough as recovering from cheating.

Factor 2: Was It Real or Fake?

Some breakups aren’t really permanent – one person just needs space to calm down. These “fake” breaks usually only last a few weeks tops. But a well-thought-out decision to part ways forever is harder to bounce back from. It can take months or more to feel over a real, long-term split. Figuring out which one yours was helps estimate recovery time.

Factor 3: Did You Solve the Problems?

Underlying issues like family feuds, distance or constant arguing likely caused the breakup. To successfully reunite, these things must be addressed. If the root problems aren’t sorted, your feelings will resurface. Taking steps like discussions and compromises will speed healing. Unresolved conflict keeps wounds re-opening.


In summary, it can take anywhere from a few weeks to several months to feel ready to date again after a breakup. Factors like the relationship length and severity of pain, as well as effort to patch up problems, impact timelines. Don’t rush important steps. Heal at your own pace before making any big decisions.

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