Does It Get Dull After a Month? The Truth About New Relationship ‘Boredom’

Is It Normal for a New Relationship to Get Boring After a Month?

They say the first three months of a relationship are the best – everything’s new and exciting! But what if things seem kinda boring after just one month? Is that a sign the relationship might not work out, or that your feelings aren’t that strong?

Check How Comfy You Feel Together

Relationships progress differently for everyone. Some couples take things slow from the start, treasuring small moments. Others start out super passionate but fizzle out. The real test isn’t what “phase” you’re in, but how well you vibe together. If interacting feels smooth and you get along great, then getting boring after a month is totally normal.

See If You Share Your Lives

One couple might find things a tad dull, but isn’t that just like real life? You’ll chat about grocery prices rising or a broken cup. Little talks like that, while not dramatic, show you care about each other’s day. It’s not about how many weeks the “honeymoon period” lasts – it’s about genuinely wanting to hear what’s up with your SO!

Check for Lost Love Spark

When a relationship is new, you hope it’ll be magical! The first weeks involve grand gestures and little gifts. You feel like your partner is perfect. But over time, small issues might leave you disappointed in love. Getting bored is inevitable. Don’t stress – as long as you support each other through the ups and downs, your spark will reignite.

So in summary – one month of boring times is NBD. What really counts is if you still care about each other deeply and want to build something that lasts. Stay strong as a team, keep the communication open, and see where things go from here!

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