Master the Three Levels of Pursuing a Girl

The Three Levels of Pursuing a Girl

When it comes to asking a girl out, most guys fall into one of three categories – bronze, gold, or diamond level. Let’s break down what each level involves and how to up your game.

Bronze Level: Never Give Up

If we’re being honest, a lot of guys are stuck at the bronze level. Their strategy is simple – just be nice to the girl and hope she likes you back someday. These guys think that if they give the girl enough attention and gifts, she’s bound to fall for them eventually.

But it usually doesn’t work that way. All that time and money goes to waste because the girl just isn’t feeling it. Even if the guy does manage to start dating her, it’s not really a fair relationship. She takes what he gives without giving much in return. Eventually, she’ll lose interest once his charm wears off, leaving the guy empty-handed.

Gold Level: Play It Cool

Guys operating at the gold level are more patient. Instead of blurting out his feelings right away, a gold-level guy will try to become friends with a girl first. He chats with her casually and keeps things lighthearted. Unlike bronze-level guys who fawn all over girls, gold guys let their personality and looks do the talking.

They spend more time improving themselves so they have something to offer down the line. When the moment feels right, like if a girl seems down in the dumps, that’s when a gold-level guy makes his move. With the right approach, he’s able to capture her heart smoothly.

Diamond Level: Read Between the Lines

Don’t think diamond-level guys are all rich hunks, either. What sets them apart is their ability to understand girls on a deep level. They know instinctively what a girl needs at any given time. With that insight, it’s easy for them to spark her interest!

When talking to a girl, a diamond guy comes off as interested without giving too much away about his intentions. He leaves just enough mystery to keep her guessing. And unlike the other levels, he never directly confesses – he prefers to let the girl come to her own conclusions. Before she knows it, she’s the one pursuing him!

So in summary – whether you’re bronze, gold, or diamond level – focus on genuinely engaging with girls, improving yourself, and playing it cool. With practice, you’ll level up your dating skills in no time.

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