5 Effective Ways to Earn Forgiveness from Your Girlfriend

How to Make Up With Your Girlfriend After a Fight

Know What She Likes

It’s important to understand what your girlfriend enjoys when trying to make up. Only then will you know what kind of gift to get her. Pay attention to what she talks about liking. For example, maybe she mentioned a brand or style she’s into. Her interests can help you pick out the perfect present.

Choose a Meaningful Gift

It’s not enough to just get her anything – it needs to be something thoughtful. This shows you care about her feelings. Suppose she loves reading – you could treat her to a book she’s been wanting. Or if traveling is her thing, plan a romantic getaway for the two of you. Whether it’s practical or emotional, it’ll let her know you’re serious about making up.

Set the Mood

In addition to the gift, think about setting the scene. Reserve her favorite table at a nice restaurant with dishes you know she’ll love. Or throw together a homemade candlelight dinner. This adds to the moment and shows how much you care. The little things go a long way when trying to earn forgiveness.

Apologize For Real

A gift alone won’t cut it – you need to say you’re sorry from the heart. While giving her present, write a letter taking full responsibility for your part in the fight. Explain exactly what happened and promise to do better listening next time. This lets her see that you understand where you went wrong.

Keep Improving Yourself

Making up takes more than one gesture. You’ll have to consistently work on yourself if you want her trust back. Only by changing bad habits and attitudes for good can you really win her over. So don’t stop with the gift – show her through your actions that you’re dedicated to the relationship.

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