How to Keep Her Hooked: 3 Surprising Ways to Make Chatting As Fun As Gaming

How to Make Chatting as Fun and Addicting as Gaming

We’ve all played games that just aren’t any fun because they’re either too easy or too hard. Game developers know to make games just challenging enough to keep us hooked. Relationships are similar – if a guy is overly nice, chatting gets boring. But a guy who’s unpredictable keeps a girl interested.

When chatting provides surprises and puzzles to solve, it stays exciting. Just like wanting to replay a tough level, girls will keep chatting to solve the mystery. Compliments for her wit will make her feel great, motivating her to level up the conversation.

Three Tactics for an Engaging Chat

Here are some tricks to keep a girl invested in your chat like it’s her new favorite game:

Pose a Puzzle, Then Provide the Answer

Ask an open-ended question or make a vague comment to get her thinking. Whatever she says in response, follow up with genuine praise. For instance, say “You don’t chat much, do you?” Then when she explains, reply “Must be because you’re such a reader!” She’ll feel flattered you see her that way.

Resist at First, Then Give In

While girls will naturally test boundaries, obeying every request gets boring quick. But stonewalling annoys her too. When she asks a small favor, politely refuse but then reconsider for her sake. She’ll appreciate your compliance after showing a rebel side.

Act Sneaky but Then Care for Her

Teasing builds suspense but won’t last. Say something mischievous and follow with genuine concern, like “Brr, it’s cold – come here so I can keep you warm!” She’ll feel your charm through ups and downs that reel her in rather than push her away.


With the right balance of challenges and rewards, keeps girls engaged through the conversation just as levels draw us into gaming. Keep an interaction fresh and fun through empathy, wit and care for really making her day – and potentially gaining something more.

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