Don’t Worry About Early Dating Rejection – 3 Reasons She Might Lose Interest and How to Handle It

Don’t Lose Heart After Rejection

It’s common when first starting to date for girls to seem very enthusiastic. Some may even make plans with you. But then their attitude can suddenly change, leaving you confused.

Busy Schedule or New Prospects?

There are a few possible reasons for the shift. One is that the girl may just be busy with other priorities in her life at the moment. Another is that a more appealing guy has come along and she wants to pursue that opportunity.

If either of those are the case, there’s not much you can do. People are busy and girls need to follow their interests. The good news is it’s nothing personal against you.

Was It Something You Did?

Sometimes, a loss of interest actually stems from something the guy did. For example, maybe he missed some important details on a date that disappointed her. In those situations, it’s worthwhile reflecting on your actions to see if you can learn from the experience.

Don’t Reveal Feelings Prematurely

One mistake guys often make is confessing their feelings too soon, even when things seem to be going well. But this can backfire by coming across as needy or desperate. Remember how into you that first girl was? Her attitude probably cooled after you blurted out how you felt.

It’s always best to play it cool in the early stages of dating. Let her get to know the real you at a natural pace before declaring your devotion. Girls want a guy who is in control of his emotions.

Keep Your Pride

Whatever happens, don’t ever lower your standards or change who you are just to get a girl’s approval. Experienced girls can sense weakness and it’s a turnoff. When expressing how you feel, do so confidently in a way that shows you respect yourself.

Rejection is part of dating. Don’t lose heart – just learn from any mistakes and keep putting yourself out there. The right girl will appreciate you for who you are deep down.

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