Navigating the Nervy First Few Weeks of a New Romance

Navigating the Awkward Phase of a New Relationship

Starting a new romantic relationship can feel strange and uncertain. There’s an adjustment period where you’re still getting comfortable with your partner. This is commonly called the “awkward phase.” As intimidating as it may seem, it’s a normal part of dating. Here are some tips for getting through it with ease.

How Long Does It Usually Last?

Most people experience awkwardness for around one to two months when they begin seeing someone new. It’s nothing to worry about – you’re just getting to know each other. Try to relax and have fun learning who your partner is rather than stressing over every little thing.

In those early weeks, nerves can run high as you figure out how to act around each other. Give yourself (and your partner!) time to settle into the relationship. With regular dates and quality conversations, the uneasiness will fade before you know it.

Open Up to Overcome Awkward Silences

Have you ever sat across from your new crush grasping for what to say? Silences can feel super awkward, but they don’t need to be! Share details about your day, dreams, or whatever’s on your mind. Open communication helps you bond by getting comfortable being vulnerable with each other.

Don’t bottle things up either. Let your partner cheer you up when you’re sad or worried. This builds trust and shows you care about each other’s feelings. Besides, who doesn’t like learning what makes their S.O. tick?

Find Common Interests to Chat About

Pay attention to what inspires passion in your boyfriend or girlfriend. Maybe they’re super into music, video games, or a hobby you’ve never tried. Ask questions to learn more – you could discover a new shared activity you love. Having go-to topics avoids those dreaded lulls in conversation too.

Spend Time Together Outside of Texting

While messaging keeps the romance alive between dates, real connection happens in person. Schedule regular low-key hangouts like coffee, walking in the park, or cooking a meal together. Being physically present allows deeper talks and nonverbal cues over screens. Don’t rule out comfortable silences, either – quality time strengthens any relationship.

Thoughtful Gestures Say “I Care”

small acts of kindness go a long way. Prepare your partner’s favorite snack, send a cute meme, or offer cuddles when they’re stressed. Pay attention to little changes in their routine or mood too. Showing you notice the details proves you’re invested in their happiness and well-being.

The awkward phase may seem never-ending now, but with patience and effort, it will pass. Focus on enjoying fun discoveries about your partner – before you know it, you’ll be your comfortable couple selves.

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