12 Fun Date Night Ideas to Help You Connect and Relax

Fun Date Night Ideas

Going on a first date can be nerve-wracking! Besides being polite, a good conversation is key to having a great time. Here are some lighthearted topics to help you get to know each other and feel more comfortable.

Movies and TV

What kinds of shows do you like watching? Hopefully nothing too scary – I tend to jump at anything! My favorite cartoon growing up was Tom and Jerry because Tom always made me laugh trying to save Jerry.

Games and Laughs

Let’s play a word game – I’ll say a word and you come up with a sentence using it. Then I’ll build on your sentence with another one. For example, if you said “pizza” I could say “I ate pizza for dinner” and you might reply “I hope there’s pizza at our date!” It’s fun and we can get silly.

Food and Fun

What’s your best homemade meal? If you say ramen, we could grab some at the mall food court. Or what would you cook with $1 million? I’d learn to make pasta and take you on a spaghetti cruise in my convertible!

Hobbies and Adventures

Do you collect anything weird like I do? I’ve got caps, comics and rubik’s cubes galore – maybe we could swap! If you could visit any time, would you go to the past or future? Personally I’d love to meet Da Vinci in Renaissance Italy.

Getting to Know You

What do you think you’re best at? I’m a pretty funny guy but tend to crack jokes too much. Still, laughter makes any date more fun! I hope we connect – drop me a line if you want to chat more.

Hope these give you some laidback ideas for your date. Most importantly, just relax and enjoy learning about each other!

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