15 Heartfelt Love Notes Pouring Your Soul to Your Crush

Love Notes

Andrew fell in love with his classmate Sarah. Here are some thoughts he wrote expressing his feelings for her.

Health and Ambition

First, I am healthy. I can carry heavy bags and gas canisters, but there is no way I can miss you. Ever since we met, I have never stopped dreaming about our future together.

A Thief and a Soldier

You are a thief who stole my heart, but never anything else. I am a soldier who will always protect your heart, no matter what. I will never hurt you or take what’s not mine.

High Spirits

Being around you makes me so happy! My mood is lifted like monkeys jumping and horses running wild. All that’s left is the joy you bring me.

Just For You

I don’t want to be good or bad – I just want to be yours. You are the most important person in my life.

A Warm Embrace

I want to hold you close, with my arms wrapped all the way around you. Just feeling you near me makes everything feel right.

Moments Together

Some days I wish time would stop so I could spend every second holding your hand. Other days I hope our life together will be long, so we can watch the sun go down for years to come.

My Spring has Begun

People say the biggest regret is missing love when you’re young. But truly, before I knew you my life had no color. From the moment we met, you brought me happiness.

A Safe Harbor

Even when I’m confused or lost, being near you grounds me. You are my shelter in any storm – without you, I feel adrift at sea.

Small Kindnesses

Hugs, head kisses, cheek nuzzles – simple acts of affection mean everything when it comes to showing you care.

Fated Love

Love finds us all in different ways. Cigarettes need matches, mice need rice – and I was meant to need you. Together we were destined by powers greater than us both.

Your Protector

Let me be the one you turn to whenever you feel alone or afraid. As your hero, my only goal is keeping you safe from any hurt. From now on you’ll never have to face the world’s dangers by yourself.

Your Heart and Soul

It’s not just your good looks that make me adore you – it’s the beautiful person inside that I fall for over and over again each day we’re together.

Three Loves

The things I cherish most are the sun, moon and you. You brighten my world like they brighten the sky. Without you, there would be darkness where light should be.

My Nighttime Wish

One day you’ll shine so bright that everyone will see your light. But for now, I’ll keep our love safe in my heart, dreaming of you until we meet again tomorrow.

Sarah, I hope you know how much you mean to me. Please say you’ll be my girlfriend – I promise to make you as happy as you make me every single day.

Love, Andrew

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