Powerful Astrological Remedies to get your Lost Love Back

How to get Lost love back using Astrology – by Astroguru S.Sharma

In case you hadn’t noticed, love is the foundation of every single human connection. More importantly, love is the missing ingredient in any relationship, and an unloving partnership is doomed to fail. That’s why romantic feelings are essential to keeping the partnership together. However, there are times when a person is unable to reunite with his beloved, and in these cases, the information presented here should prove invaluable.

get lost love back in 24 hours

True love is hard to come by in this material world, and it’s even more challenging to keep it alive once you’ve found it. However, arguments can sometimes become so severe that they cause the relationship to end. However, astrology offers a number of effective solutions for reuniting with a former lover.

How Astrological Solutions can help you get your lost love back?

For those interested in learning how astrology evaluates love marriages, we can tell you that Venus, Mars, the Moon, Rahu, and Ketu are the primary planets considered. Relationship success is heavily influenced by these planets. In addition, Venus is regarded as the sex factor in the male horoscope, while Jupiter is regarded as the sex factor in the female horoscope. And the moon’s planet is thought to be the one that makes people fall in love at first sight. Mars, the planet of bold action, and Rahu Ketu, the planet of progressive change through subverting convention, are contrasted here. Furthermore, the native’s love life benefits from the influence of all these planets.

The power of love can make or break a partnership. A lot of times, the Guru’s health causes a person to lose their love. But according to astrology, a person can bring back a lost love by following a few simple steps.

Astrological solutions to get your lost love back in 24 hours

Thursday remedy to get lost love back

We regret to inform you that in everyday life, couples often break up because one partner stops making an effort to spend time with the other, and this causes a chasm in their relationship that can only be bridged by a great deal of love. However, he or she can reunite with their former sweetheart. To achieve this, one must devote three months’ worth of Thursdays to worshipping Vishnu and Lakshmi.

In this case, the person should chant the mantra Om Laxmi Narayan Namah three times after the puja is complete. And during those three months, prasad should be offered in the temple on Thursdays. This cure is guaranteed to bring the person’s lost love back to him.

Worship maa Durga

A devotee of Maa Durga who has lost his or her love should worship the goddess and present a red flag (chunari) to her statue. This is very helpful for the native people. If you pray to Mother Durga with all your heart, she will grant you the wish of your heart.

Peepal tree can also help you get back your lost love

This peepal tree remedy is a must if you want to win back your ex. We have heard that if you take two dried peepal leaves and write the name of the person you wish to reunite with on them, you will be able to bring them back into your life. Then, something heavy should be set atop the peepal tree, and the leaves bearing the same name should be left lying face down near the tree. Then, a stone should be set atop the inverted second leaf on the house’s roof. Constantly feed the peepal tree with water and recite the desired individual’s name to bring them back into your life. As a result, you can count on them to reach out to you via this channel.

White Cloth remedy for Lost Love

The one in white needs to go to a church or temple smelling like red roses and jasmine if he wants to win back his ex-girlfriend. If you pray to God for your love with a pure heart, you will see positive results.

Mantra to get lost love back in life

People believe that reciting the mantra has many positive effects on their lives. If you chant the mantra enough, you will get the desired effect, or so the legend goes. If you’ve lost your love and want to get it back, chant the Om Heen Namah Mantra one thousand times every day for a week. At this time, ladies should wear red and gentlemen should wear kumkum garlands. You’ll win your lover over this way. If you want to be loved, you should chant Om Clean Namah as well.

Worship lord Shri Krishna

It is said that if one offers paan to Lord Krishna while playing the flute in his temple, he will be reunited with his lost love. Repeat this process until your loved one finally returns your affection. In addition, one should recite the mantra Om Om Hoon Hreem Saha Krishnay Namah while contemplating an image of Radha Ji with Lord Shri Krishna. If you chant this mantra and then sprinkle honey on Lord Krishna, you’ll be rewarded with his divine blessings. There’s no doubt that this treatment will improve your condition.

Cow service is crucial for love relationship

We have heard that serving the red and black cows and giving the white cow to a Brahmin is the way to win back a lost lover. You can recover a lost love by following this remedy. The native population will benefit greatly from this treatment. In addition, during this remedy, you shouldn’t eat jaggery for 41 days and should feed raw yellow potatoes to a black cow for 43 days. Keeping that goal in mind is essential.

Moreover, right planetary situation is also important

Restoring a relationship with a lost loved one requires focusing on Venus in the horoscope. In addition, steps should be taken to strengthen the natal fifth house of its owner. Furthermore, global stability can only be achieved by focusing on the seventh house.


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