How to Stay Safe During COVID-19: 15 Vital Teen Safety Tips

Coronavirus Safety Tips for Teens

The coronavirus, also called COVID-19, has become a big problem all over the world. To keep yourself and others safe from getting sick, here are some important things for teens to know.

Stay Home as Much as Possible

The virus spreads easily between people. So citizens are staying indoors as much as we can. Only go outside if you really need to, like for food or medical care. This helps reduce spreading the virus.

Many schools and activities are cancelled too. So you’ll be home from school for a while. You can still talk to friends online or do video calls instead of hanging out in person.

Keep Your Distance from Others

Outside, stay at least 6 feet away from other peeps. That’s about two arm lengths! The virus can spread through tiny water droplets from sneezes and coughs. Staying far apart helps prevent those droplets from reaching you. Don’t crowd together in groups.

Wash Your Hands a Ton

Washing your hands is super important. Lather ’em up with soap and scrub for at least 20 seconds. That’s about as long as singing the “Happy Birthday” song twice! Wash before eating, after using the bathroom, and whenever you’ve touched things others may have touched too. Clean hands means fewer germs spreading.

Don’t Touch Your Face

Our hands pick up germs all the time without even knowing it. Then we might rub our eyes, nose, or mouth without thinking. But that’s how germs can get inside our bodies. Make a conscious effort to not touch your face, especially with unwashed hands. Curb that habit to stay healthy.

Cover Coughs and Sneezes

If you need to cough or sneeze, do it into your elbow rather than your hands. That prevents spreading germs. Then wash or sanitize your hands right after. You can also cough into a tissue and toss it immediately to limit germ spread. Let’s all try to be more hygienic when we cough or sneeze.

Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces

Virus germs can live on surfaces like doorknobs, faucets, phones and remote controls. Wipe these down daily with disinfecting wipes or a bleach solution to kill the germs. This helps remove any virus on things you or others may frequently touch.

Use Masks if You’re Sick

If you have a cough or fever, use a face mask. This protects others from catching what you have. Masks work best when used by sick people, not healthy folks. They can help stop the tiny droplets from sneezes and coughs from spreading. So mask up if you feel under the weather.

Check Your Temperature Daily

Use a thermometer each morning to check for a fever. A fever is a temperature over 100°F. If you have one, stay home and tell your parents or guardians. Fevers are one sign you may have the coronavirus. It’s important to monitor your temperature to spot potential sickness early.

Get Updates from Reliable Sources

Get the facts about COVID-19 from health authorities like the CDC, WHO or your state/local officials. Avoid rumors spreading on social media. Credible sources share the latest info on new cases, testing and treatments to help keep everyone safe. Check in with these experts for trusted guidelines as the situation evolves.

Look After Your Mental Well-Being Too

These virus measures and cancellations mean less social time. But stay connected with friends and family through video chats. Do things like exercise, read, play games, watch shows to stay busy. Taking care of your mind is important too during all this. Reach out if you’re feeling down – you don’t have to go through it alone.

Spread Compassion, Not Panic

This is a challenging time for everyone. But we’ll get through it by looking out for each other. Share helpful information, not fearmongering. Reach out to people who may be lonely or struggling. A little kindness goes a long way. Together, through our collective efforts, we can reduce the spread of COVID-19.

By following these guidelines, you play your part in slowing the virus. You also protect loved ones who are more vulnerable, like grandparents or those with other health issues. We’re all in this together.

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