5 Witty Comebacks That Will Make Your Girl Smile When She’s Feeling Down

What to Say When Your Girlfriend Feels Down

Guys, have you ever had moments where your girlfriend makes a negative comment about her looks or body, just fishing for compliments? It’s easy to say the wrong thing and upset her. Here are some playful yet reassuring responses you can try based on common scenarios.

Scenario 1: “Do I Look Ok Lately?”

If she asks this out of the blue, she’s probably feeling a bit down and wants to hear how wonderful you think she looks. Some lighthearted replies that should make her smile:

  • “Baby, you always look gorgeous to me!”
  • “Wow, when did you get even more beautiful? I must be dreaming!”
  • “Are you kidding? With that cute face, you just keep getting cuter.”

Scenario 2: “Am I Prettier Than Your Friend?”

She might be insecure comparing herself to others. Reassure her confidence with sincerity:

  • “You both have your own charm. But to me, you’re the cutest and I love your smile the most.”
  • “Huh? Who? I’m too busy staring at your beautiful eyes to notice anyone else.”
  • “Come on, no one holds a candle to you. You light up any room with that gorgeous personality.”

Scenario 3: “Do I Look Ok Without Makeup?”

She values your true opinion of her natural look. Give an honest compliment while building her up:

  • “I think you look gorgeous with or without it. Your smile is what I love the most.”
  • “Are you kidding? I love your fresh-faced look. You don’t need anything but that natural beauty.”
  • “Makeup or not, you’ll always be perfect in my eyes. But I must say, this is my favorite way to see that pretty face.”

Scenario 4: “My Skin Looks Tan, Right?”

Reassure her whatever her skin tone. Be lighthearted while boosting her confidence:

  • “Tan skin looks healthy and relaxed. And on you, it’s breathtaking as always.”
  • “Don’t be silly, a touch of color just makes your flawless skin glow even more.”
  • “I think that summer glow makes you look radiant! It’s lucky I have the cutest beach babe by my side.”

Scenario 5: “My Body Looks Ok, Right?”

Focus on what you adore about her good health and personality, not size or shape:

  • “Are you kidding? You look incredible! I love your energy and smile – you’re perfect to me.”
  • “Your body allows you to do amazing things and be so full of life. That lively spirit is what I treasure most.”
  • “You know I think you’re gorgeous just the way you are. Inside and out, you rock!”

Boys, just keep reminding her with sincerity how amazing she is to you. Her beauty comes from confidence and joy – help give her that everyday with understanding, humor and care.

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