witty comebacks_When She Says No to Dinner – Funny Replies to Save Your Night

Funny Comebacks When She Says No to Dinner

So you asked a cute girl to grab a bite, but she wasn’t down. No worries – you can still save face with a witty response! Here are some playful ways to reply that’ll keep things light.

Don’t go sulkin’ or getting mad. Just bust out a funny comeback and put a smile on her face. Whatever you say, stay respectful – don’t make the lady feel awkward or hurt. Now check out these clever options:

  1. “All good m8, I’m not too hungry anyway. Wanna shoot some hoops instead?”
  2. “No prob! I’ve got a couple other prospects lined up if it don’t work out.”
  3. “Works for me – guess I’ll just chow down solo. Not like I need the company, right?”
  4. “No sweat, I’ll find an even hotter date to hang with.”
  5. “Hey, more cash for me to cop the new FIFA! Can’t complain.”
  6. “It’s chill – my pup will keep me company any day.”
  7. “No worries, I just scored a movie date with another cutie.”
  8. “Cool cool, let’s hit the cinema instead.”
  9. “No sweat! I’ve got a killer book to keep me company all night.”
  10. “No doubt, we can always go shoppin’ or take a road trip together!”

However you reply, do it with humor and heart. That way even if she’s not interested, at least you can part as pals. Stay sharp – these comebacks just might save your night!

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