Why It Really Seems Girls Call It Quits More in Long-Distance Relationships

The Real Reasons Why It Seems Girls End Long-Distance Relationships More Often

Have you ever wondered why it seems like girls are usually the ones to break things off in long-distance relationships? After learning about many LDR breakups, it does look like the girl pulls the plug more. But is that really the full story? Let’s take a closer look at what’s really going on.

1. It’s How Guys Hide Their True Feelings

If a guy in an LDR wants out, he won’t just come right out and say it. Instead, he’ll act cold and distant. He won’t text or call as much. This is what we call “going ghost.” Girls pick up on these signs quicker than guys probably realize. When this happens, a girl will often test the waters by being the first to bring up splitting. Even though she says the actual words, the guy eagerly agrees, like he was waiting for an out. So it only looks like she ended it, when really he was already checked out emotionally.

2. Girls Need More Closeness in an LDR

Let’s be real – most girls need more emotional support than guys. This is doubly true for an LDR where you don’t see your partner for months at a time. Just saying “I love you” over texts each day doesn’t cut it for a lot of girls. After a while, the frustration builds up until breaking up seems easier than constantly feeling disconnected. So the girl may propose the break first, but it doesn’t mean she wanted it more.

3. Blowing Off Steam Through “Breakup Talk”

It’s common for stress to mount in an LDR without proper communication. One way this plays out is a girl will ask her guy to share what he’s up to each day. At first he does, but then he slips up – like forgetting to text back one night or leaving his phone at a party with dead batts. The next day, an upset girl vents about feeling untrusted. A fight ensues. After some time apart cooling off, the girl may throw out a “We should end it” message. But that’s often said in the heat of emotions, not as a definitive decision to break up for good.

Don’t Be So Quick to Assign Blame

The bottom line is that LDRs require a ton of work from both people to survive long-term. So while it may look like the girl makes the first move out more often, that’s likely an over-simplification. Both parties usually contribute to the challenges that strain the relationship to its limits. So don’t be so quick to blame one side more than the other when an LDR comes to an end. It takes two to make it work – and two for it to fall apart.

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