Why Guys Really Take Girls to Scary Movies – The Psychology Behind Horror Date Nights

Why Do Guys Like Taking Girls to Scary Movie Dates?

It’s common knowledge that when guys ask girls out on dates, one popular option is seeing a movie together. However, some guys have a habit of picking horror flicks – but why is that?

The Thrill of Fear

For many guys, scary movies are exciting because of the adrenaline rush that comes from jumping at surprise scares. A lot of teen boys enjoy getting spooked by horrors films, so taking a date is a fun way to share that thrill. Plus, horror is a popular genre.

Using Fear to Their Advantage

Unfortunately, some guys have less-than-nice reasons for choosing frightening films. Since girls are usually more sensitive to scariness, guys figure seeing a horror will really put their date on edge. When the spooky moments happen on screen, their date may yelp or cling to them in fear. Sneaky guys see this as an opportunity to comfort their date and look like a hero. They think it will help the girl view them in a more positive light.

It Depends on the Girl

But do all girls actually dislike scary movies? Not at all. Every girl is different, with her own unique personality and preferences. Braver girls may find horrors entertaining and not be too bothered by fake frights. More timid girls likely do not enjoy the feeling of panic. So whether a girl likes horror comes down to her individual tolerance for fright. Smart guys will check with their date first instead of assuming one way or another!

In Summary

While some guys have fun sharing their enjoyment of scares with their dates, others use horror tactics more for their own gain. But at the end of the day, not all girls hate being scared – it varies person to person. Open communication between both parties is key for ensuring a good movie date experience!

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