Horrific Acid Attack Lands Ex-Boyfriend Death Sentence with 2-Year Reprieve

Man Sentenced to Death with Reprieve for Acid Attack on Ex-Girlfriend

Dong Mou has been sentenced to death with a two-year reprieve for a horrific acid attack on his ex-girlfriend, Zhang Mou. The incident occurred after Zhang refused to reconcile with Dong.

The Acid Attack

Dong went to Zhang’s workplace and asked her to step outside to talk. He begged her to take him back, but she said no. Enraged by her rejection, Dong twisted open a bottle of sulfuric acid he had prepared. He grabbed Zhang’s hair and poured the acid directly onto her face.

Zhang screamed for help as the acid burned her skin. Dong then fled the scene as Zhang’s coworkers heard her cries. They rushed her to the hospital for emergency treatment.

Severe Injuries

The acid caused terrible disfigurement to Zhang’s facial features. Her face was completely unrecognizable. It took multiple skin grafts and reconstructive surgeries for Zhang to even be able to show her face in public again. The damage was so extensive it was clear Dong’s actions were deliberately meant to harm Zhang.

Dong’s Claim

Dong was quickly arrested by police. In court, he claimed he only wanted to scare Zhang because he suspected she was seeing other men. Dong said the bottle of acid somehow spilled by accident. But given the massive burns covering Zhang’s face, it’s obvious Dong intentionally poured the acid on her.

The Sentencing

For the crime of aggravated assault, Dong was sentenced to death. However, the sentence will be commuted to life in prison if he shows good behavior over the next two years. This was a tragic case of violence stemming from a broken relationship.

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