7 Subtle Signs She Secretly Likes You More Than a Friend

The Subtle Ways She Shows She Likes You

Have you noticed the girl you like acting a little differently lately? Pay close attention to some of her small actions and behaviors – they may reveal whether she has feelings for you too.

She Keeps Up with Your Online Life

Chances are, if she’s crushing on you, she’ll be keeping a close eye on your social media. Even if she doesn’t like or comment, she’ll make sure to see any new photos or posts you share. This is her subtle way of staying connected with you and learning more about your interests.

She Goes Out of Her Way for You

You’ll notice she tries extra hard not to argue with you and goes out of her way to be kind. She wants you to feel comfortable around her. Pay attention if she seems to remember little things you say you like, like your favorite foods – it means she’s listening closely!

She Finds Excuses to Chat

Around you, she perks up and tries to continue conversations. Don’t be surprised if random chats or casual “how are you” texts start coming more often. Through talking, she hopes to strengthen your connection and band.

Acts of Kindness Are for You Alone

Has she been unusually generous lately, like treating you small gifts? It can be a sign she wants to show her softer side. Take note – this kindness may be reserved just for your eyes.

Hidden Feelings Surface

In intimate talks, pay attention if she opens up about personal things like dreams, relationships or feelings. Unspoken confessions are her unique way of testing the waters with you in case you may feel the same.

She Seeks Your Protection

Around you, does she seem at ease, like holding your hand in crowds? Subconscious signs of trust are a dead giveaway of hidden attraction. Your presence alone gives her comfort and strength.

Is She Into You?

If several of these subtle behaviors ring true, there’s a good chance the girl you like sees you as more than a friend deep down. Ask her how she feels – you may be surprised by her honest answer.

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