Does She Want More Than Friendship? 3 Signals She’s Into You

The Signs She Wants to Hang Out

If a girl seems interested in spending time with you, she may drop some hints. Pay attention for cues like her initiating chatter over text or social media. She might also ask what you’ve got going on or propose doing an activity together.

Don’t just brush these off – those are telltale signs she wants to get to know you better. When a gal goes out of her way to chat you up or find an excuse to hang, it usually means she’s feeling you. Reading between the lines can help figure out if she’s trying to take things to the next level.

If a lass keeps hitting you up outta the blue, she probably wants to catch a vibe. No girl makes an effort just to make small talk. Her shooting you messages and asking about your avail can be her low-key way of saying she’s down to kick it.

So if a girl you’re feeling keeps tossing you hints, don’t leave her hanging! Take a chance and extend an invite. Why not ask if she wants to catch a flick or grab a bite this weekend? The worst she can say is no, but she just might say yes if you make a move. Go for it – you never know where a casual outing could lead.

Moral of the story? Pay mind to the subtle signals. If a cutie puts in the effort to hit you up regular, there’s a good chance she’s trying to make plans. Shoot your shot and see where it goes – you might find a new friend or more.

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