3 Signs an Outgoing Girl May Have a Crush on You

Signs an Outgoing Girl Likes You

Guys often think outgoing and fun girls will openly say if they like someone. But it’s not always that simple. While these girls seem friendly to everyone, it can be tough to know who they’re really interested in.

Here are some signs to look out for that an outgoing girl may have a crush on you:

She Acts Shy Around You

Though outgoing girls are happy and playful with others, around you she might change. Even though she’s comfortable being herself in front of most people, she wants to make a good impression. So she’ll get shy, watching how you react before fully opening up.

She’s testing the waters to see what kind of personality you like best. If you seem to enjoy her fun side, she’ll relax and be her usual cheerful self. But if not, she’ll tone it down until finding what you respond to.

She Finds Reasons to Chat

Outgoing people enjoy conversing, yet around a crush it’s harder. She may anxiously ask lots of silly questions, just wanting any excuse to talk. Or she’ll say things like “Good morning!” and “Good night!” Hoping not to miss a chance to connect with you.

She’s Comfortable With Touching

Try casual physical contact like brushing hands while walking. If she doesn’t pull away, that’s a good sign. You might also gently put your arm around her shoulder for a moment. Pay attention – if she seems fine with little touches, she probably likes you.

Pay attention to small changes in how an outgoing girl acts around you compared to others. Her true feelings could be showing in subtle ways like these. With a watchful eye, you may realize a fun friend has a little crush on you!

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