3 Signs She’s Using You: Don’t Ignore These Backup Plan Red Flags

3 Signs She’s Treating You as a Backup Plan

It’s said that relationships take effort, but sincerity is key. However, guys often find that their true feelings get overlooked by girls. Not only might your effort go nowhere in becoming her boyfriend, but she could end up just calling on you casually when it’s convenient for her.

So if you don’t want to be someone’s backup plan, watch out for these 3 signs from a girl you like: it’s best to pump the brakes if she starts acting this way.

1. She seems distant

A girl keeping you as a backup plan won’t exactly be cold, but conversations won’t feel very enthusiastic either. For example, you might send a long message and just get a short “ok” in response. Then when you’re not as excited to chat, suddenly she’ll try initiating contact a couple times to boost your spirits again. Don’t get your hopes up – this is just how she keeps you on the hook.

2. She takes all the attention

If a girl is viewing you as backup, she’ll happily accept any kindness from you. When she’s in a good mood she’ll say thanks and be friendly. But when things aren’t great, watch out – she’ll find you super annoying! And expensive gifts you give won’t matter; cheaper gifts from her will get you an earful about being ungrateful. Does this sound familiar?

3. She only comes around when needing something

With a backup plan girl, she expects you to drop everything anytime she wants your help. But as soon as she’s all set, it’s like you vanished! She’ll ask for favors no problem, but bring up anything you could use help with and suddenly she’s “too busy.” It’s all about making her happy with no thought for your feelings at all. Not a good sign, right?

In the end, whether a girl truly cares about you or is keeping you on the backburner is pretty straightforward. Just don’t kid yourself into staying if you know you’re being treated as optional – that road only leads to heartache.

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