3 Fun Ways to Tease and Surprise Your Girl

3 Fun Ways to Tease Your Girl

When your girl asks if you’re missing her, just saying “yes” isn’t very romantic. She’ll think you’re not that interested. So how can you show her you care without being desperate?

Try using humor and surprises in your responses. Girls love it when a guy can make them laugh or catch them off guard in a sweet way. Here are some fun things to say back that are sure to put a smile on her face!

Idea #1: Have You Sneezed Yet?

You may have heard the old saying, “If you think of someone, they’ll sneeze.” It’s become a super common movie and book trope. When your girl asks if you’re thinking of her, say something playful like, “Funny you should ask – I was just about to ask you the same thing!” Even less experienced girls will probably giggle at your silly wordplay.

Idea #2: Big Bear Hugs!

We all know girls love it when guys get cuddly. But guys can be cute too, right? Tell her something sweet like, “I wish I could give you a big squeeze and lots of kisses right now.” Use your imagination to paint a fun picture in her head. I bet it’ll put a big smile on her face!

Idea #3: You Visited My Dreams

Save this one for when you really want to wow her. Tell her, “Funny you ask – I was just dreaming about you!” Dreams are out of our control, so she’ll know you must have been thinking deeply about her. Leave her with a sweet memory to think about until you’re together again.

Have fun teasing your girl in a playful, romantic way. Small surprises and jokes are a great way to show you care without laying it on too thick. Keep her smiling – that’s the best approach!

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