3 Secret Questions Girls Use to Test if a Guy is Relationship Material

3 Common Ways Girls Test If a Guy Is Worth Pursuing

When a girl is interested in a guy, she may want to get a sense of his character before fully committing to a relationship. Here are some typical questions girls ask to test a guy’s qualities.

1. Does He Respect My Independence?

Early on, it’s important a guy doesn’t come on too strong or seem overly needy. A common test is if a girl says she isn’t as pretty in pictures – will he respect her choice if she isn’t interested?

For example, one girl asked “What if you don’t think I’m as attractive in person?” The best response avoids demands, like joking “Can I return you then?” This shows he’s fun, not just focused on looks.

2. Do Our Beliefs Align?

Over time, a couple needs to align on important issues. So girls may subtly probe a guy’s views. One asked “Is it normal for guys to insist on late dates with someone they just met?”

Instead of accusations, the best response was “I probably shouldn’t ask you out late then…” and steering the topic to safer daytime plans. This avoids conflict but still conveys respect.

3. Is He Sincere?

If genuine feelings have developed, a girl wants confirmation they’re real. She may ask what he likes about her. Going into specifics like a particular moment that sparked his interest reassures her in a natural way.

Simply saying surface things like looks isn’t as meaningful. The memory shows he pays attention to details, helping her feel truly understood and cared for.

In all cases, the best responses avoid unnecessary explanations, keep things lighthearted yet show genuine respect, care and understanding for the girl’s perspective.

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