Tips to attract a married woman who is interested in you

How to attract a married woman who is interested in you

Being attracted to a married woman is a perplexing situation. It’s no secret that men prefer older women, and it’s also no secret that most of these ladies will show up to a date with a ring on their finger. Nevertheless, if the woman is sending you signals of desire as well, she may be searching for more than just a light flirtation. If you’re interested in her, though, and he seems to like you too, you’ll need to work a little bit harder at subtly winning her over. As a result, we present some advice on how to approach a married woman you have feelings for.

Some great tips to attrack a married women 

Give her a compliment.

Make her feel special by simply praising her attractiveness. The best way to get to know her is to start with praise. This is something she will truly appreciate, as wives rarely get the chance to sit back and enjoy some sincere praise due to their busy schedules and the presence of spouses.

Create a memorable experience for the two of you to spend time together.

Married women’s lives are typically dull and unremarkable. If you can make her feel happy while you’re with her, that’s a big plus. If you can win her over with your wit and wisdom and take her to exciting and enjoyable locations, she just might tag along. If she starts to genuinely love being around you, she will start making more time for you.

Engage in interesting discourse.

Most wives share a common characteristic: a dull daily routine at home. You can make conversation with her by broaching topics like her hobbies, your shared political beliefs, or even just the weather. She hopes that by talking to you, you might transport her away from the difficulties she’s experiencing and into a realm of fantasy.

Pay attention to what she has to say.

Women hate it when guys make assumptions about them. They just need someone to hear them out and empathise with them. If you manage to earn her trust, she will confide in you and consider you her “go-to” person whenever she needs to vent about her troubles. Her ability to rely on you will be greatly enhanced if you take the time to listen to her and provide her with emotional support.

Honor her efforts.

Sometimes all a lady wants is for people to recognise and appreciate her efforts. Your chances of winning her heart are greatly increased if you constantly praise her determination, tenacity, and hard work. Congratulate her on her success, whether it be a completed work project or a weight loss. She’ll warm up to you and like you in no time.


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