15 Funny Pickup Lines That Really Work on Girls

Pavlov once did an experiment with dogs. He would put food in their mouths to see what happened. Whenever the dogs ate the food, they would start salivating. This is called a conditioned reflex.

When trying to get a girl to like you, it’s important to use “lures” to spark her interest through conditioned reflexes. Things that make girls laugh are good lures. Funny jokes and lines can create a conditioned reflex with a girl. You should start a conversation by saying something funny or amusing to make her laugh.

Here are some sample lines you could try:

1. Do you know who I have a crush on? Look at the first letter of their name if you don’t know.

2. She muttered the word “switch” under her breath.

3. Can I be your favorite person?

4. Sure, but you’ll need to pay me first.

5. You said you wouldn’t make me suffer at all, but it’s been a little more than that.

6. I’m a teen, cut me some slack.

7. I love you, now you can’t get away!

8. So cute, I’ll have to make up an excuse to bring you home as my wife.

9. You’re the most beautiful and cute girl I’ve ever met.

10. If you like troublemakers, don’t worry about being dumped. If you like young girls, take good care of them. If you like rich wives, work on your body. If you like me, just call me “honey”—that’s enough.

11. Come here, no more crying, just give me a hug.

12. What are you up to? I’m kinda missing you.

13. Don’t take advantage of my love for you to do whatever you want.

14. Don’t tempt me, I’m broke.

15. Why didn’t anyone tell me liking you would be so addicting?

16. If the whole world didn’t want you anymore, remember that I still do. But I don’t want you either.

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