What Does ‘Go with the Flow’ Really Mean? Decode Her Message

What She Means When She Says “Go With The Flow”

Have you started to develop feelings for a girl, but you haven’t told her how you feel yet? It can be tricky to understand what a girl is thinking sometimes. One thing she might say is “go with the flow.” But what does that really mean?

Does She Like You Back?

There are a few possibilities when a girl tells you to “go with the flow.” The good news is, it usually doesn’t mean she’s rejecting you outright. But it can be hard to know for sure how she feels.

On one hand, saying to “go with the flow” might mean she’s interested in seeing where things could lead between you two. Basically, she’s open to the idea of dating you and seeing what happens. As long as you still show her you’re interested, there’s a good chance things could work out.

On the other hand, it could mean she thinks of you as a backup plan for now. Like, you seem nice enough but she’s hoping to meet someone even better. So make sure you really impress her – another guy might come along and change her mind!

Or Is She letting You Down Easy?

There is a third possibility – that saying “go with the flow” is actually her polite way of turning you down. Some girls will say this instead of a direct “no” so they don’t hurt the guy’s feelings.

If a girl is usually shy around you or doesn’t flirt much, chances are this phrase really means “no thanks.” But you won’t know for sure unless you talk to her more to get a sense of how she feels when you’re together.

Focus on You For Now

Overall, when a girl says to “go with the flow,” it likely means she’s not head over heels for you yet. The best thing to do is work on yourself and your own interests for a while. Invite her to tag along sometimes so she can keep getting to know the real you.

Don’t stress over what could happen. Just live your life well and stay positive. If you stay cool and confident, and she starts to like your vibe, things may work out naturally over time!

The bottom line is every girl is different. Keep paying attention to subtle signals about how much she seems to enjoy your company. With a little patience and by being the best version of you, you’ll have the best chance of figuring out if she’s really worth “going with the flow” for.

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