Overcome Loneliness in Dating: How to Show You Care

Understanding Girls Who Struggle with Loneliness

Some girls may seem eager to date at first, but once you get to know her, you realize she keeps people at a distance. These girls often had a tough time feeling loved as kids. Below are some signs of loneliness in girls, and tips for showing them you care.

Signs She Struggles with Loneliness

For girls who didn’t get the affection they needed growing up, feeling close to someone can feel out of reach. So when a guy shows interest, she’ll likely back off and decide to stay single. Intimacy terrifies lonelier girls due to worries about getting hurt. It’s safer not to open up.

Lonelier girls also fear rejection. Subconsciously, she’ll shy away from attention to protect herself. “If he leaves, it won’t hurt as much.” She may act cold so no one can blame her later. One step closer from you means 99 steps back from her – just to stay “safe.”

Around others, lonelier girls can seem sociable. But in relationships, she struggles to connect or show caring. Either she’s distant so you don’t feel her like her, or she’s clingy to the point of suffocating you! Unsurprisingly, things often end badly, reinforcing her belief that it’s safer to avoid feelings.

In a relationship, signs of loneliness come out through worrying constantly that you don’t care about her anymore over little things, like not texting back immediately. She’ll drive herself mad trying to prove you still like her!

How to Show Her You Care

If you have feelings for a lonelier girl, don’t let her defenses get in the way. She needs extra love from you. Lead with confidence – show her your life plans and that you’re responsible. Make sure she knows you won’t abandon her when the going gets tough. Comfort her fears through kindness, compliments, quality time – whatever makes her smile! The secret is patience, consistency and reassurance until she learns to trust in your care.

Make sure you’re stable enough for a relationship too. Only pursue her if she’s truly special to you long-term. Your support will guide her gently towards healthier ways of thinking. Dark times are easier with someone by your side believing in you. With care and understanding, lonelier girls can overcome hard pasts to feel loved each day.

Most likely, her struggles arose from circumstances beyond her control while growing up. Now it’s time for healing. With patience and compassion, you can help her realize life doesn’t have to be lonely or scary anymore.

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